Renovation loans
Is like a spring Gale, come up in the night, decorating season again come to so many people expecting at the same time, begin to sketch the beauty House newly renovated. However, the plump, the reality is very skinny, and heavy renovation costs, many people feel overextended, thus, to loan money wanted to move "back". May face a wide range of loans, many people don't know their own characteristics, but do not know what to choose, today and look after 360 stories for you.
1. mortgage
mortgage, no doubt, is the home market for leveraged loans, for maximum housing valuation of 70% 's financial support, very suitable for home decoration, at a high cost to the well-being of the family to create understated splendor.
for its expenses, the annual interest rate in the range 6%-30%, difference, and the threshold is closely associated. The Bank has always pursued steady, focuses not only on housing, even the borrower never overlook the personal qualifications, in rough terms, is like looking for a husband, requires not just the room, but also have no say, pay attention credibility, and earn a steady income as a base. Such a stringent requirement, loan funds are actually in order to escort, so much so that in the case of risk control, strong feedback, low interest rates ranging from 6%-9% genuine customer feedback.
and non-bank financial institutions is entirely the opposite, at the threshold of application play nasty focuses solely on housing requirements for qualifications is zero; in the interest expense on Nice, relatively high interest rate pricing, following the financial market "high risk with high income" the first law of thermodynamics.
unsecured loan unsecured loans, as simple as its name without providing collateral, only with qualifications to apply for a loan. Loan funds mainly to monthly incomes 10 times, borrowers need to have good credit and steady work to change a key to to open the lending.
compared with mortgages, borrowers like the ends of the seesaw, borrowers get out of mortgage risks at the same time, financial institutions to increase financial risk. Therefore, relative to home mortgages, to raise the interest rate pricing is also reasonable, mainly in the range 7%-21% bank interest rate pricing, while non-bank financial institutions are relatively high in order to make up for the potential risks posed by easy credit policy. In contrast, non-bank financial institutions in the income threshold on the man advantage into full play, and favored banks over four thousand or five thousand Yuan on high-end earners are different, non-bank financial institutions to lock two thousand or three thousand Yuan, or even only thousands of low-income people.
credit card credit card home staging time of staking, the credit card business has penetrated into every area of business, the decoration market is no exception. Credit cards home staging fees price advantages, to recruit 12 fees for 3.5%-4%,24 for 8%-9%. However, it's just illusion that banking still holds partly concealed, lift the veil of mystery, we see the home improvement company with a large Bank, the cost is generally higher than the decoration market standards in the industry. If the total costs down, many people found quite worth the taste.
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