Fed rate hike expectations again, the dollar strong upward

Fed raised interest rates expected again warming, dollars index strong uplink, gold and silver price sharply go weak, continued vulnerable down trend
today early disc fundamentals message relative light, only New Zealand announced has two a economic data, which New Zealand second quarter unemployment fell to five years low 5.6%, employment participation rate fell to 68.9%, and second quarter labour cost index quarter rate rose 0.6%, good Yu expected and the Qian value, average hours salary per annum also super expected rose 1.7%, Show New Zealand job market improved markedly, further bullish on Economic Outlook, but that data is relatively limited effect on the bullion market, gold and silver prices expanded slightly oversold rally in early trading.
announced last night the United States June orders rose more than expected, showed manufacturing activity growing well July ISM non-manufacturing PMI highest since December 2005. More economic data is beautiful, show that the United States increasingly clear signs of economic recovery, which makes the market for Fed rate hike expectations again, dollar index, strong upside, its highest point this year to suppress gold and silver prices weakened sharply, continuing weak downward trend.
geopolitics, Ukraine situation or waves, Russia President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday asked the Government departments to take action against a new strengthened sanctions from Western countries after Poland's Foreign Minister says Russia Ukraine borders a large number of massed troops, invaded Ukraine.
fears Russia may increase Ukraine's intervention to deal with the situation in Europe and the sanctions that will make the situation more tense, powerful potential to become future gold and silver prices.
European stage will be announced in the afternoon including Germany manufacturing orders months after the increase in the June quarter rate, United Kingdom July quarterly adjusted house price index monthly rate and June industrial output month rate, Italy industrial output in the June quarter after adjusting monthly rate and initial GDP annual rate in the second quarter economic data.
overall eurozone services PMI published yesterday show that market for faster or more easing expectations the European Central Bank, published data performed well in the afternoon, or cool down the expectations, but if data remains weak, will be bearish the euro, putting more pressure on gold and silver trends.
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