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Secured loans, unsecured loans are pure credit, no property support, a greater risk, banks for this type of loan approval, loan amount less. Therefore, how to improve personal unsecured loan limit would be a problem.
in fact, the key point to improve your mortgage is only one, that is, prove I'm capable of repayment of the loan amount. Bank lending standards could be attributed to the repayment ability of the borrower, as long as the borrower's repayment ability, generally smooth high loan unsecured loans to banks.
so, specifically how to improve the loan amount? We can work in three ways.
first, pay attention to your credit history. Personal credit records of banks and other lending institutions pay more attention to and accepted applications for loans, the Bank will review the borrower's personal credit report, credit status to determine whether to lend. The key factors affecting personal credit records and overdue credit card loans were overdue. If good personal credit records, often with large loan in the Bank but never too late for such borrowers the Bank will give a higher loan amount. Thus, in normal times, borrowers are required to carefully maintain your own credit, in full and on time to pay credit card debts or loans, cancellation term without using credit cards in a timely manner.
    second, the type of occupation are also critical. In General, banks are more willing to credit include: civil servants or organs, large State-owned enterprises, Fortune 500 employees and is responsible for an important position, such as department head, Manager, technical director, and so on. The reason for this is simple, this user's work is more stable, expected future repayment ability is strong, not easy to defaulting on their loans, the corresponding lower risk loans, banks for such customers higher ratings.
third, the property as repayment of loans can provide some credentials, such as local real estate and so on. At the time of applying for unsecured loans, you can provide a certificate, can limit has increased. In this case, real estate is not mortgage, simply turned over the title deed copies after you finish you can take away the original.
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